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Every couple of weeks we hear about another attack by ISIS.  How does one deal with something like this?  How do we respond?  

At the same time Boko Haram is abducting and killing hundreds in and around Nigeria.  

How do we as Christians react to this?  

Most of us just carry on as normal since it doesn’t affect us’s a bit sad, but since it’s so far from home it doesn’t really make an impact.  

On the Internet different Christian personalities voiced their opinions and it ranged from “let’s pray for the persecutors” to “we have to get rid of these groups”.

The fact remains – we live in a broken world and Jesus himself promised that we will face persecution.  Jesus did not come to make all things nice and neat – the prince of this world hated Him and we as His followers cannot expect anything less.  The fact that most of us experience almost no persecution is only GRACE.

My question remain – how do we respond to news like like this?  

Firstly I hope that we react at all – and with empathy – not for some stranger in a far off country, but for our brothers and sisters in Christ – THEY ARE OUR FAMILY.  Let’s pray for our brothers’ and sisters’ husbands, wives, children, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers – that they will experience the peace and grace of God during these difficult times and will get through it stronger and closer to God.

Secondly – let’s respond with pride.  It might sound strange, but something that stood out for me specifically after the killing of 21 Egyptian Christians some years ago, was the expression on the faces of those 21 brothers kneeling before their executioners.  Their faces were not filled with fear or agony as they awaited their imminent death…it was filled with peace, with a calm – with a knowledge that they were going to a better place – they were going HOME.  

I almost wanted to cheer them on – I know Jesus awaited them on the other side with a “Well done good and faithful servant – welcome Home!”.

Lastly – let’s respond with thankfulness – thankfulness for the Grace we experience every day.  Thankfulness that we are free to worship and live out our faith on a daily basis without fear.  Thankfulness that we can be a part of God’s plan on this earth.  Let’s not waste it – let’s grab every opportunity with both hands.  Let’s remember that this world we live in is only temporary and that most of our so called “worries” and “difficulties” are not really that bad.  There is work to be done.  Let His Kingdom come!