SA Tax returns PTY Ltd:

Is an accounting and tax consulting practise based in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Heinrich Grove started the practise in 2008, he has a bachelors in accounting sciences and is a registered Professional Accountant (SA) with SAIPA. He loves his wife and son and loves spending time outdoors, with friends and family and religious activities. He is passionate about entrepreneurs and love helping start up companies.

In the office:

He is assisted by Linda Botes who has been working with him since 2009, she has a diploma in taxation from UNISA and is the “go to person” in the office! She is passionate about her family and her dogs and you will find her outside walking them on a daily basis.

Natasha Grove joined the team in 2016 and brings with her years of experience in and bookkeeping amd human resource management. She has a national diploma in information technology and also a bachelors degree in human resource management. She loves her husband and son and is passionate about her family and friends and always goes the extra mile.

Who we are?

We take pride in our relationships with our clients and our approach is to help you become tax compliant and to stay compliant and in that way saving you money.  We also focus on implementing good and sustainable accounting practises and thereby help create a basis for future economic growth.

We have many years of experience bookkeeping, software systems, accounting, drafting of financial statements, tax consulting and dealing with SARS, and also have an extended network of specialists that can deal with the most complex tax matters.



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We offer the following services:

Return submissions for:

Income Tax (Personal and Companies)

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Value Added Tax (VAT)

CIPC returns

UIF returns

WCA returns

Registrations of:

Income Tax (Personal and Companies)

Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Companies at CIPC



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